4/13/18 MHS Staff Update

The Jazz Band performed wonderfully Monday Night with professional musician Robert Baca.  Congratulations to the Science Olympiad team for their second place finish at the state tournament. The maroon team earned medals in 24 events while the white team earned four additional medals and had an 8th place finish.  MHS Science Olympiad has placed in the top 2 in the state for 11 years which is an amazing accomplishment.  We finished our last Parent Teacher conference of the year Monday including celebrating Mr. Hulett’s last conference ever due to his retirement.  The Chamber of Commerce honored both the top 10% of the MHS Seniors and Kathy Ruegnitz as MHS 2018 Teacher of the Year on Wednesday evening.  We were excited to hold an outdoor track meet on Thursday which was great to finally get outside.  The MHS National Honor Society is ready for their annual banquet on Sunday where they will induct new members and say goodbye to the NHS Seniors.  The Class of 2018 collected their Caps and Gowns on Friday which definitely signals that graduation is right around the corner.  Special congratulations to both Denisha Sanders on the Kohl Award and  Gabi Sobota on being selected as FCCLA state officer!

Friday 4/20/18 Professional Development Plan

Marketplace DONUTS and Apples – 730 am – Yes!

Superintendent Listening Session – 830 am

ALL Staff ALICE prep for 2nd ALICE Drill – 100 pm – Tiered Hall

Remaining time for BYOC completion/work


Below from Mr. Seguin concerning the Friday PD 

Hello SDMA Staff,
Looking ahead to our upcoming PD day next week Friday, April 20, 2018 here are a few reminders:
You can find the schedule for the day here:
If you are choosing to work on 4/20 as make-up for the most recent school cancelation, there will be a meeting at River Heights starting at 10:30 AMfacilitated by Tonia Kowieski. You are to report your assigned building to start the day, as well as following the meeting for building specific activities. 
Building level clerical staff:
There will be a required building level clerical staff meeting at 8 AM at the ASC facilitated by Leah Theder.
Should you have any questions related to the day, please feel free to connect with your building principal, or reach out to me with any questions.


MHS 4/6/18 Staff Update

GEAC teachers confirmed that 24 amazing young people who are already on their own paths to change the world have achieved the state of Wisconsin certificate level as 2018 GEAC Global Scholars! The new GEAC Scholars are recognized on the bulletin board in the World Language hallway.  A huge thank you to the entire GEAC teacher team for helping these students (and previous ones) achieve this certification!  Menomonie High School can be very proud of the 56 Global Scholars we have fostered over the past 3 years which is close to if not the highest in the state (2016 – 14 students, 2017 – 18 students, 2018 – 24 students).  The extra snow and winter weather has forced cancellation of most spring sporting events this week.  Mr. Hundt continues to work with Spring coaches to accommodate as best we can inside until mother nature cooperates.  Parent Teacher Conferences filled the building Thursday with the addition this year of a Parent Resource and Transition Fair put on by many local agencies and school staff with the assistance of Mrs. Kowieski – SDMA Director of Pupil Services and Special Education.  Special Congratulations to Jennifer Smith for winning the Golden Apple and to Kathy Ruegnitz for being voted on by staff as the Chamber of Commerce 2018 Educator of the Year!


Staff Meeting Slides – Information about Alternative Education, Social Emotional Learning Pilot, and a new staff member inquiring about roommate possibilities

MHS 3/29/18 Staff Update

All MHS Music Groups performed Monday Night for the annual Music in our Schools Concert.  The Choir, Orchestra, and Band Students and Staff showed through their wonderful performances that our Music programs are flourishing in number and quality.  Mad City Money filled the gym on Tuesday with Personal Financial Management students working with local business people on understanding real-world money practices.  The MHS counseling team continued their classroom presentations that they do periodically throughout the week this time on gender identification and sensitivity.  Congratulation to New Math Hire Kristin Pelzel.  Kristin was already in the building working with our Math Team to ease the transition with Mr. Hulett’s retirement.  Former Student Nate Stanley continues to do well post high school showing the whole world how great a young man we know that he is.

3/28/18 Building Leadership Team Notes with Staffing Updates; Budget Information; End of Year Student device turn in info; Tornado Drill information; and most importantly a few documents about an SEL pilot program roll out being spearhead by the guidance department.  We will have more on the Social Emotional Learning piece at the staff meeting Wednesday but suffice to say it’s important roll out that we will monitor, adjust and improve as we go.

MHS 3/23/18 Staff Update

Spring Sports practices kicked into high gear on Monday with all teams looking for gym space and taking turns in our inside facilities as the snow continues to melt.  The MHS Band returned from the Spring Break trip to Universal Studios and the Bahamas.  The Band performed at Universal Studios while also receiving clinical work on the ship from a University Professor and feedback from professional musicians.  All Global Issues students were able to interact with a human trafficking expert in order to forward understanding of this topic.  Kelsey Leach flew out to NYC March 20th to tape a segment on the television show The Chew to represent MHS and Connecting Cultures Through Cuisine. This is a GEAC event held earlier this school year now highlighted on national TV.   HOSA members collaborated with the Red Cross to run another successful Blood Drive at MHS with many pints donated by our students and staff.

Several staff visited Bryan Bignell’s family Friday to continue offering support and gifts while bringing back thank yous for the family at their request.

MHS Spring Break 2018 Staff Update

The death of Senior Bryan Bignell was the sole focus for most MHS staff for the entire week as we worked with staff and students through the grieving process.  I am extremely thankful for all of the community agencies including many churches who responded over the weekend to assist us at MHS.  Special Thanks to the MHS crisis team supported by not only our other SDMA pupil services staff but also Dr. Zydowsky, Mrs. Kowieski, and Mrs. Hoyt personally.  We needed all of the assistance and are glad for spring break.
[The next portion is from Kayla Oliver – DECA Advisor and MHS Teacher]

DECA had an amazing run at State Competition! In order to move on to Nationals students had to place in the top 7 of their competitive event. Fifteen students went to State representing Menomonie and a total of 7 students have qualified for spots to compete at Nationals in Atlanta, GA at the end of April. Here are a few highlights we want to share with you!

  • Ireland McRoberts and Corinne O’Dell 3rd Place for their Community Service (Mr. Menomonie) Project.
  • Emma Levendowski and Delaney Bignell 3rd Place for their Learn and Earn (Stang Nation Sign Sales) Project
  • Erica Kinnard 2nd Place for her Fashion Merchandising Promotion Plan
  • Ally Neidermyer and Emma Levendowski 4th Place School Based Enterprise
  • Erica Kinnard Automotive Services 2nd Place
  • Mackenzie Brooks Human Resources Management 5th Place
  • Trent Weber medaled in a role play for Principles of Marketing
  • Ally Neidermyer was a finalist (top ten) for Quick Serve Restaurant
  • Erica Kinnard received Gold Student recognition
As a chapter, we also received recognition for reaching Gold Chapter achievements. We were also recognized for our Acts of Kindness, General Contributions to Charity, 100 hours of service, MDA Contributor, and Trick-or-Can.
Going to Nationals: Ireland McRoberts, Corinne O’Dell, Emma Levendowski, Delaney Bignell, Erica Kinnard, Ally Neidermyer, and Mackenzie Brooks.
This is the most students we have had qualify for Nationals! The students wanted me to be sure to share they did it for Bryan!
Thank you for all of your support and kind words this week!


David Muñoz, Principal

Menomonie High School
Building Leadership Team last meeting notes [forgot to send them last weekend – sorry about that-in short, staffing and reloads are on hold until after break – I have a staffing plan for the building together which includes a proposal for a net increase of 1 FTE but at this time it is an official proposal to ASC and we’ll see where we end up]
  1. Anti-Bullying Event -Tuesday 3/6/18 – no schedule change but rolling 9th grade field trip – Mrs Musser with details below

~March 6th – Anti Bullying Trailer Sponsored by US Army

~All Freshmen students will participate The trailer will be “running” every hour of the day with 30-35 students participating each hour.
~Current Health classes will use their class time to view the presentation
~First semester and summer health students will be assigned a time/hr based on seat availability and report to the health room (129) for attendance with Mrs. Musser. Guidance will deliver their assigned time on Monday.
~An announcement will run from Thurs-Mon giving freshmen information about the day.

~A message will go to parents/guardians on Thurs/Friday explaining the field trip.
~Attendance will be given to Martha

~Students should touch base with the teacher whose class they are missing. ~Teachers should allow them to make up any assignments/work.

  1. Staffing Update – DEM – what I’m thinking and what I’m working on developing for possible board approval – big picture building level FTE’s [math hire – interviews pending]

Middle School Staffing Plan

  • Very large numbers in Art and Theater – I would like to support
  1.  April 20th PD Plan – finish all BYOC work – whole day building work time after donuts and apples [see past documents] – let me know what I can do to help finish – show this byoc document to the MHS staff necessary in order to complete
  • This will be a public document for the first time in the BYOC
  1. Payments to State University Spending [youth and course options] now in excess of $25,000 – this is something that I used to budget $6,000 a year for …. This is site money

Which means I need to reduce department spending or other spending like paper or field trips or something in order to pay these bills

  • I’m hopeful that the new laws and policies bring this number down but I’m not sure as it’s brand new
  • While I’m supportive of providing opportunities for all of our students the course options laws that I presented to team leader when it was new have been very difficult to manage from a building financial perspective.  
  1. School Safety –
  • Talked about a more real ALICE drill with callouts via PA in terms of locations for an intruder
  • Use PD day on April 20th as ALICE setup for non-barricade drill
  • Sub Training

MHS 3/2/18 Staff Update

The students and staff put great effort forth with the ACT this week.  THANK YOU STAFF!!!  You did amazing work with the ACT!!!  It was different work but important to present the best testing environment for every student.  We are thankful that our learners were able to focus all of their effort on these days for this important national assessment.  The Girls Basketball Team won the WIAA Regional Championship on Monday defeating Rice Lake who they’d lost to earlier this year.  The Girls Team battled hard in the Sectional Semi-Final but did lose to end their season Thursday Night in LaCrosse.  The Boys Basketball Team lost their playoff game on Tuesday.  Mr. Hundt conducted the Spring Sports meeting on Wednesday for many families with many Spring Sports starting on Monday!  The Forensics Team continued their march toward the State Competition at Sub-Sectionals on Thursday and Science Olympiad looks forward to their home tournament on Saturday at MHS.  The Science Olympiad Team and Forensics Team both are top teams in the state and we look forward to their end of year run.

SPRING BREAK IS 5 DAYS AWAY!  You’ve earned it and the Seniors have informed me that it’s 56 school days until graduation.

MHS 2/22/18 Staff Update

We ran our ALICE safety drill with students this week.   Thank You to all staff who made this go.  Ironically we had already planned for this drill before the events in Florida.  Every drill is an opportunity to learn and improve our response which we have done and will continue to do with all of our safety drills.  We will be following up on the ALICE drill at the next staff meeting.  The Forensics Team continued their improvement winning their home tournament Saturday as they prepare for sectionals and state competition.  Most Winter Sports teams have completed competition with the exception of both Basketball Teams.  Girls Basketball plays a home playoff game on Friday night.  Stop out for Basketball Friday Night OR if basketball isn’t your thing the musical is also running Friday night.  The Addams Family musical put on by MHS students and staff continues performances Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evening at 7:30 pm.  The show is amazing!  If you have a few hours this weekend stop out, I promise you will not be disappointed with the performance.

Think ACT Tuesday and Wednesday ………..