MHS Staff Update 8/31/18 – Happy Start of School!

MHS Staff Members worked tirelessly this week in preparation for the start of school with 9th Grade Students on Thursday for which I am very appreciative.  Special Thanks for whoever tackled Mr. H and Mr. Hundt during the ALICE drill:)  It make me feel better about the Sumo Summer Pictures.  MHS staff members welcomed the Class of 2022 in grand fashion Thursday Morning followed by our Link Crew transition program.  Link Crew is a group of trained students and staff members whose sole purpose is to help transition Freshmen to the high school environment on the first day and then at several different times throughout the year.  Link Crew continues to improve and make adjustments but know that they are working to help 9th grade students know better how to be high school students.  The Class of 2022 showed up in force Thursday morning with less then 10 no shows which is the best attendance we’ve ever had!  We also welcomed many new students who were not 9th Graders on Thursday including several of our exchange students from many countries around the world including but not limited to Lithuania, Japan, Argentina, and Spain.  The football game tonight has been moved up to 5 pm due to possible severe weather with men’s soccer having a successful start to the season.  The Girls Tennis team continues to perform at or near the top of the conference in all of their competitions and the Girls Golf Team is regularly setting records and having a great time.  MHS Volleyball lost to Memorial last evening but they were highly competitive which they have been in most competitions early in the season.  Both our Cross Country teams continue to compete at a high level with the Girls Swim Team several meets into the season.  Thank you to MHS HOSA and Dani Allenstein for all of the work on the always important Blood Drive.

Please continue to reference the 18/19 MHS Start of School shared document.  I’ve reorganized a few things for the first day so that they’re bunched in common groups and added a few reminders for Tuesday including supervision lists, duty lists, info about the addition of a 2nd floor conference room, and a reminder how staff can login to guest WiFi during the school day.  [Gentle reminder that Guest WIFI is no longer accessible to students on their personal devices so please do not share the password which is only for staff or a presenter guest.  Students will only be able to access WIFI during the school day via their district issued Chromebook.]

Have a great LONG weekend everyone and let me know if you need anything at all in order to help transition back to school with all students on Tuesday.

David Muñoz, Principal

Menomonie High School

MHS 1819 School Year Opening Staff Meeting

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