MHS 1/12/18 Staff Update

The Academic Decathlon Team competed this week with area schools.  Thank you Math Dept Teacher Mr. Anderson for all your work with this group especially during finals.  This group consists of our best students taking common assessments and activities that are independently graded after which we could move on to further competitions.  The inclement weather day caused a minor adjustment to final exams but many that I’ve heard from were happy for the extra day of studying which worked out great.  This was also a nice way to continue to ease our way into the new year.  MHS Final Exams were pushed back one day meaning that the end of semester will actually be Tuesday 1/16/18 after the Monday scheduled non-student day.  We will still be starting Cabin Fever Week next week which is a student council led fun week with dress up days, assemblies and activities to kick-off the new semester.  Aside from Swim Tuesday, there have been very few nighttime activities this week due to final exams with the exception of Friday Night when Boys Basketball plays with the pep band and dance also performing.  Girls Hockey is also home at the Fanetti Ice Arena if you’d like to stop out.

1/10/18 MHS Staff Meeting notes — fully updated with pictures and additional comments from the meeting

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