Happy New Year 2018 MHS 1/5/18 Staff Update

Link Crew adult and student leaders provided a study session for all freshmen called Cocoa and Cram on Friday.  This is a continuation of the Link Crew transition program that kicked the year off and is intended to continue the transition for 9th grade students to the high school environment including end of semester final exams.  We were able to secure a Suicide Prevention speaker for early February working with another area high school to share costs.  I will have more information out as the program develops but mental health is a student concern that comes up daily in many schools including MHS.  I have worked with the presenter so that he actually presents to staff only first before the students arrive on 2/7/18.  He agreed to abbreviate the presentation to insure time for Q and A with staff about this important topic.  Our presenter Mr. Olson is a teacher and coach in Michigan who lost his son to suicide.  During the Building Leadership Team it was strongly desired to have a staff aspect of this presentation which we have done.  The 2018 New Year kicked off with multiple sporting events including two home swim meets on Tuesday and Thursday along with Girls Basketball and our first home Gymnastics Meet where Grace Braatz won the all-around vs. Eau Claire on Thursday.  The Mike Fischer Family generously donated $6,000 to Menomonie youth hockey Thursday Night.  The Boys and Girls Hockey Teams were in action on Thursday Night with the pep band and both teams will be home over the weekend again if you’d like to stop out the the ice arena.

Building Leadership Team Notes from 1/3/18 Meeting 

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