12/15/17 MHS Staff Update

Former MHS Teacher Archie Abbott passed away this past week.  Mr. Abbott was the main force behind FFA in Menomonie for decades while he was a teacher but also afterward in retirement.  The Band performed wonderfully Monday evening.  The combined bands was an impressive group and the largest in school history.  The Girls Basketball Team had a great team win against EC Regis on Tuesday with the Hockey Team struggling in a loss but giving good effort.  The Wrestling Team won a big match against EC North with both basketball teams playing Friday in the Barn in a double header.  The expulsion monday brings closure to the school threat which was a relief to many in the MHS community.  The National Honor Society continues to be very active in their service mission providing supplies to Positive Alternatives which is a group home in town as well as working on the Christmas for Kids event supplying gifts to the needy.  Mr. Ruegnitz with his volunteer ceramic bowl makers has been actively constructing bowls for the Empty Bowls event which is still a few months away.


Building Leadership Team Notes 

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