MHS 12/1/17 Staff Update

Mr. Taylor has rolled out the pilot HOPE program in the alternative school which is a competency based path to graduation for students not fitting into the GED or Credit Recovery umbrella.  MHS Staff did an excellent job before Thanksgiving working on curriculum mapping and preparation for the ACP rollout.  The students and staff did an equally great job with the inaugural 1 hour targeted approach to Academic and Career Planning at MHS.  We will continue with several hour long sessions throughout the year in order to establish a baseline for the students in this important state initiative.  The Mr Menomonie Contest won by Kevyn Perkins was a great success raising over $1800 for Stepping Stones and the FFA Corn Drive raised even more for the same charity with over $2700!  I am very proud of our students and staff for continuing to engage with the community in a productive and educational manner while also giving to charity when possible.  The Girls Basketball Team Won a close game by 1 point against Memorial with the Boys Team losing at home to Memorial by the same margin.  The Mustang Wrestling Team also lost by 1 point to Chippewa Falls on Thursday in an exciting first home dual.  The 6th Grade Band was in the building Thursday having a learning session with the high school band and staff followed by some pizza.  Mrs. Staupe is holding a buy one get one free book sale in the library for students, staff, and the community.

David Muñoz


Menomonie High School

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