Thanksgiving 2017 MHS Staff Update

The fall play ‘The Mouse That Roared’ finished its weekend run last week.  The cast and crew did an outstanding job with the performance.  The MHS Theater Department wasted no time in starting auditions this past week for the 2018 Musical the Addams Family which will be on-stage before spring break.  The MHS Orchestra performed wonderfully on Monday Night.  They sound awesome!  If you have an opportunity, please take in their next performance as with all of our musical groups, the Orchestra is outstanding!  Thank You to the assistance from ASC and Local Law Enforcement with the handling of the school threat earlier this week.  We are always working to insure the safest possible environment for all students and staff.  Rest assured that we are continuing to work this incident.  Unfortunately there have been similar threats before our incident in Chippewa Falls and Memorial with threats after as well in other neighboring schools.  Congratulations to the MHS Girls Swim Team for taking 17th at the State Tournament as a team.  Winter Sports teams continue to prepare through practices and organized scrimmages with the first events for the season already underway with Girls Basketball.  The MHS Guidance Department teamed with UW-Stout to work through the entire application process including on-site admissions to UW-Stout earlier this week.  I attended a Western Wisconsin Principal Meeting which included several BRC  schools on Friday where we discussed Academic Career Plans, school threats, RTI, and data wharehouses like educlimber and how each school is using their tools with staff.

Building Leadership Team Notes from 11/15/17 – Please read as there is detailed information about:

  1. Wednesday 11/22/17 work plan for staff
  2. ACP’s and the plan moving forward
  3. Testing schedule for the remainder of the year
  4. Xmas Party voting google form for 3 possible days
  5. An idea about how to approach getting to know kids

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