MHS 10/13/17 Staff Update

‘Under The Sea’ Homecoming 2017 was a great success with students dancing into the night Saturday at the largest dance in years.  The lightning storm that necessitated the cancellation of the homecoming parade was sad for many but understandable given the safety of all involved.  I attended a Data Leadership Summit and presented key elements to the building leadership team Thursday which highlight many of the good things occurring for students because of a great staff.  We hope to continue to use some of these data tools to improve learning at MHS.  Our PLC time Wednesday was spent delving into common assessment critical questions which is solely about improving and increasing the amount of learning at MHS.  Mrs. Krause-Kuchta in the Science Department continues to work with Orion’s Quest Program which provides opportunities for MHS science students to work with NASA.  Carol Ropella and Jennifer Smith were awarded a $950 grant For August 2018 work on the Romeo and Juliet Unit.  The grant will pay for stipends for an English and MHS counselor/school psychologist work team to meet in the summer review and revise of the Romeo and Juliet unit to include suicide prevention as well as discussing other English units conducive to embedded wellness topics.  Congratulations to Ryan Sterry for being awarded $4,000 for the purchase of 4 Project Lead the Way Robotics Training KITs @ $1,000.00 each.  The fall play continues to prepare for their opening.  All fall sports teams are moving quickly into end of season playoff competitions highlighted by the Girl’s Tennis team for advancing Lexi Hastings and Lindsey Johnson to state in doubles.  They even won their first match at state! The Cross Country Team is one week a way from hosting the WIAA Sectional Championship on home turf at MHS.

10/12/17 Building Leadership Team Notes

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