MHS 9/14/18 Update

Menomonie High School School Spirit filled most days and nights starting Saturday for the annual MHS Cross Country Invitational which is always a great early season race for many local teams fully run on MHS property.  I really have a great spot for cross country viewing if anyone is interested.  The Soccer team tied on Friday and played another great game losing 0-2 on Tuesday.  The students organized several group meetings in preparation for the fast approaching homecoming activities.  The students are actively planning and in the early stages of float construction, games, and dress up days.  New this year are free tickets to the dance for dress up day winners.  The students are excited and eager for homecoming.  The game club meeting Wednesday night was a good example of the energy as over 30 students showed up with Mr Taylor and gamed until 6 pm.  The RTI team and Building Leadership teams met this week establishing common grade level meeting times for the year and helping me form our Veterans Day ceremony which I’m excited to report will feature MHS Distinguished Alumni Jason Church.  The Tennis staff appreciation day and Volleyball Parents night were fun and heartfelt highlights from the week.  The Girls Tennis team even had their honored staff members run with them when they met the other team.  The mayor introduced MHS to South Korean business people whom I was honored to meet and tour around.  We have all away events this weekend as we look forward to a Home Football game against EC North where the Football game is eager to get back on track.

CLICK ME! Building Leadership Team Notes from 9/12/18

  • Grade Level Meetings
  • PLC notes reminder
  • Veterans Day
  • ALICE Drill date set
  • One-Time money

Several staff have been copying me in on email or phone contacts that they are making home that are positive which is just amazing for me to see.  For those that are doing this, excellent outreach and I encourage others especially now that it’s still early in the year to reach out to parents with something positive.   This will make the next call or email that much easier and more effective.  


MHS Staff Update 9/7/18

The first day of school at Menomonie High School on Tuesday filled the halls and classrooms with activity and learning.  You all, MHS Staff, always great, have continued to grow your capacity not only with our initial professional development but also through building high-levels of rapport with our students.  Thank You!  Thank you to our building tech coaches for the ed camp style staff meeting building educational technology capacity.   My perspective with this approach stems from ‘Bold School’ written by Weston Kieschnick.  This refresher video explains the perspective which is adamant about thinking backwards from that which your trying to accomplish THEN eventually getting to which strategy perhaps using Ed Tech to enhance the learning.  I stole this clip because it was free but his words resonate with being more accepting of the things we know work well while also keeping an open mind to new tools to help enhance the learning.

Thursday we held our first club and activity meeting day with hundreds of students spread throughout the building.  We believe this is a critically important time to continue to connect our students to the building in other ways than through the classroom.  If possible, it’s always beneficial for our students to see us all outside of the classroom when it is possible.  It truly makes what goes on in the classroom that much easier.  I encourage those staff assigned to grade levels for Homecoming to reach out to Mr Hundt with questions or examples of roles and activities during this time.  Most of the time our students just need a gentle nudge and direction.

The Girls Swim Team swam well against Memorial Thursday night with a high level of energy.  The Boys Soccer Team played an amazing game against state-ranked Hudson on Tuesday in the driving rain losing by a few goals.  The Football Team plays Friday night at River Falls in a decisive conference game and the Cross Country Teams hold their home invitation Saturday starting at 9:30 am.  I’ll be camped out at my favorite location below the sports complex scoreboard because you can see the kids several different times from that vantage point.

We have under 5 Chromebooks left to get to students which is better than last year but not as quick to be fair as we did the first time around.  We’ll correct this going forward.


Matt Flug


MHS Staff Update 8/31/18 – Happy Start of School!

MHS Staff Members worked tirelessly this week in preparation for the start of school with 9th Grade Students on Thursday for which I am very appreciative.  Special Thanks for whoever tackled Mr. H and Mr. Hundt during the ALICE drill:)  It make me feel better about the Sumo Summer Pictures.  MHS staff members welcomed the Class of 2022 in grand fashion Thursday Morning followed by our Link Crew transition program.  Link Crew is a group of trained students and staff members whose sole purpose is to help transition Freshmen to the high school environment on the first day and then at several different times throughout the year.  Link Crew continues to improve and make adjustments but know that they are working to help 9th grade students know better how to be high school students.  The Class of 2022 showed up in force Thursday morning with less then 10 no shows which is the best attendance we’ve ever had!  We also welcomed many new students who were not 9th Graders on Thursday including several of our exchange students from many countries around the world including but not limited to Lithuania, Japan, Argentina, and Spain.  The football game tonight has been moved up to 5 pm due to possible severe weather with men’s soccer having a successful start to the season.  The Girls Tennis team continues to perform at or near the top of the conference in all of their competitions and the Girls Golf Team is regularly setting records and having a great time.  MHS Volleyball lost to Memorial last evening but they were highly competitive which they have been in most competitions early in the season.  Both our Cross Country teams continue to compete at a high level with the Girls Swim Team several meets into the season.  Thank you to MHS HOSA and Dani Allenstein for all of the work on the always important Blood Drive.

Please continue to reference the 18/19 MHS Start of School shared document.  I’ve reorganized a few things for the first day so that they’re bunched in common groups and added a few reminders for Tuesday including supervision lists, duty lists, info about the addition of a 2nd floor conference room, and a reminder how staff can login to guest WiFi during the school day.  [Gentle reminder that Guest WIFI is no longer accessible to students on their personal devices so please do not share the password which is only for staff or a presenter guest.  Students will only be able to access WIFI during the school day via their district issued Chromebook.]

Have a great LONG weekend everyone and let me know if you need anything at all in order to help transition back to school with all students on Tuesday.

David Muñoz, Principal

Menomonie High School

MHS 1819 School Year Opening Staff Meeting

Welcome Back MHS Staff for the 18/19 School Year!!!

MHS 1819 School Year Opening Staff Meeting

Please reference the MHS Staff Opening week August 27th-August 30th document which we will continue to update throughout the weekend.  This is a bit of a change from previous years in that I would like to provide links, updates, professional learning, and other things best handled electronically in one easy to find location for the starting week of school.  I will keep this document available for staff to reference as it’s filled with things to hopefully make the transition back easier and less stressful.  The ALL high school meetings are in the above document and also posted in the high school google calendar.

The high school workday is always 7:30 am – 3:30 pm for all days of the school year where you’re scheduled to work with the exception of Monday August 27th 2018.  We will follow the district work schedule on 8/27/18 only from 8 am – 4 pm.

The first day on Monday 8/27/18 is run by the district office at Menomonie High School.  There are several events for all with certain high school groups working most minutes of Monday on district approved projects, planning, and preparation.  The SDMA has moved into a new phase of Strategic Planning which will pull different subgroups of the high school staff at different times on Monday 8/27 and Tuesday 8/28.  The Strategic Planning listening sessions are critical and can all be found linked in the above document labeled ‘Opening Professional Development Information from ASC’.  You can also find all of the strategic planning listening sessions linked into the high school google calendar.

I must admit that it feels surprisingly different for me as a building Principal at MHS this year largely because for the first time in my life I have a Senior and that next phase of life for one of my own kids has arrived.  I know that I speak for Deanna when I express a heartfelt thank you for taking as good a care of our children as you do ALL students at Menomonie High School.  I am honored to be able to work and serve with you all!

It’s a great time to be a Mustang!  For those new to the building I’m quite certain that most of the MHS staff including me will continue to sit in the back right of the auditorium if you’d like to join us for the opening.

David Muñoz 


Menomonie High School

Twitter as an Educational Resource – Resource recreated with permission from Katie Krueger

MHS June 1st 2018 Staff Update

Graduation at MHS highlighted last weekend with the Class of 2018 center stage!  Thank You to the MHS Staff, School Board Members, and Superintendent for taking time out of their collective weekend to help send off the Class of 2018.  Special thanks to Juan Ramirez, Angela Ruchti, Kayla Hostetter, and Dani Allenstein for their extra efforts to make graduation a wonderful experience. Jeff Vandeberg and his outstanding crew should also be commended for their work as the physical work needed was no small task.  The Lady Mustang Soccer Team ended their season in playoff action Thursday Night after their best season in years.  Both Track Teams qualified several students to the State Track Meetheld Friday and Saturday in LaCrosse.  The Tennis Team also qualified the number one doubles team to the State Meet where they lost a spirited match 6-3; 6-3.  The outstanding staff members at MHS continue to prepare 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students for final exams next week Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  The High School and Middle School will be having a joint end of year gathering next week which promises to be a cool event for all staff members able to attend.

Special End of Year Note:

Please be encouraged that as an educator at MHS you serve an amazing purpose and mean more to these kids and your colleagues than you may possibly know.  Thank You for working with us all at Menomonie High School!

I thought this YouTube link that we used at the start of the year would be a cool way to start ending the 17/18 school year.

MHS 5/25/18 Staff Update

The Class of 2018 highlighted the week as they completed their high school careers with the grace and high characterthat we’ve come to expect.  Last Sunday Mrs. Hostetter and I were invited to a celebration of our foreign exchange students at a local home.  We were both excited to have such a great group of exchange students from all over the world.  The Noon Rotary group was also able to honor this group on Wednesday.  Sports Teams continued to approach the end of their seasons with Track competing at Sectionals advancing Tyra Boettcher, Sam Zbornik, Kevyn Perkins, and Destiny Haldeman to the WIAA State Meet next week!  Ethan Wurtzel and Victor Kaufmann also qualified to the WIAA State Meet in Tennis!  The MHS Band performed wonderfully for our last day with Seniors Friday while holding an end of year concert Wednesday with outstanding performances by all involved.  The MHS Choirs also performed wonderfully Thursday evening while honoring their Seniors in many ways including with a cool slideshow.  The remainder of the weekend will be spent preparing for and graduating about 250 wonderful young adults moving onto the next stage of their lives.  Graduation is at 2:00 pm Saturday followed by the all night Grad party starting at 9 pm on Saturday.

David Muñoz


Menomonie High School